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2020-10-23 08:52:48

Got this blind text message, sorry they missed my birthday, text back for 2 free years of netflix? Don't know them not my bd

2020-09-13 09:17:17

Total Assholes

2021-10-22 18:21:36

Might be a scammer, they say they're calling regarding health insurance. They've called me five times in the past four hours.

We hope you know already, your caller is from Orange, Anaheim, in California.

It seems that your caller used a Paging (Dedicated) to reach his targets. Provided by USA Mobility, they are popular in Los angeles.

Your caller mostly calls within PT (UTC -08:00). Specific zips 92805, 92815, 92804, & 92801. Specific locations centered around 33.83 & -117.9.

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